49th State Motor Tours Crew

About Our Operation

49th State Motor Tours is a family of Alaskan outdoor enthusiasts who believe in the responsible and safe enjoyment of Alaska’s beautiful wilderness. We provide exciting and personalized adventures for people of all ages, abilities and skill levels.

We feel you don’t truly start to experience what Alaska has to offer until you’re out of cell phone range, surrounded by towering mountains, pristine glaciers, and monstrous rivers. We are very passionate about the 49th State. It is more than a location. It's a state of mind.

Looking for a “once in a lifetime” day trip, camping excursion, team building or party event? Want a uniquely Alaskan experience? Contact us today to make your reservation.



The Mastermind. Born right here in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley, Brian has been riding these trails since before he could say “wheeler.” For years, riding was his hobby while he paid bills through much more mundane pursuits. In 2014, he landed an opportunity to merge hobby with income. Brian found himself wheeling from the Southern edge of Alaska all the way up to the North Slope, providing off-road support and logistics for a film crew. Upon his return to the “normal life,” he had what his wife, Cedar, lovingly calls his mid-life crisis. He vowed to ditch the day job and keep wheeling. Soon after, 49th State Motor Tours was born.


The Wizardess Behind the Scenes. Raised in the Talkeetna tourist mecca, Cedar cut her income-earning teeth helping visitors enjoy our beautiful state. Theatrically-trained to pull off stage magic and other sleights of hand, Cedar puts her powers to good use crafting behind the scenes flows that make your adventure seamless. Feel free to call our office any time. She will happily answer all of your questions about life, the universe and everything Alaskan.



The Right Hand. Born to an avid off-roader, Miah has been bouncing down trails since the wee age of 4 years old. His early start in backwoods adventuring imparted him with a super-hero- like sense of direction, deep understanding of local wildlife and the ability to find his way back to civilization from almost anywhere. Living minutes from the Knik trailhead, Miah considers it his second home. His mountain-sized grin and knowledge of the valley quickly earned him a spot in the 49th State family.


The Mascot. In 2016, we realized the only thing that could make our wheelin’ adventures better is a furbuddy to share them with. Enter Wheeler the Heeler, an Australian Cattle Dog with a love of trails and mud. Wheeler’s favorite spot is in the passenger seat of a side-by-side where you can catch him defending his chariot from attacks of all things branch and twig-like.

The Crew

It would be impossible to pull off this much adventure and magic without a family of awesomes. Unfortunately, awesome people are often awesomely good at dodging cameras. Blair (far left) and Yadi (far right) are two more familiar faces that can get you out of civilization and back. Shane, Rich and Richard (not pictured) help us thrive with their enthusiasm and love for adventure.