Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we check in at?
Free shuttle service from the downtown Anchorage Visitor Information Center is available for summer day tours (May 15 to August 15). We are happy to pick up from other locations in the Anchorage bowl for an additional fee.

Our Adventure Headquarters is located in Palmer (about 45 minutes from downtown Anchorage). Directions will be included with your confirmation.

What should I bring and wear?
Summer Adventures: Helmets, goggles, gloves, and face masks are provided. Make sure to wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty! Close-toed shoes are a must. Waterproof shoes are even better. A heavy coat, long sleeve shirts and pants are required. Rain gear and a hoodie is also good (If you don’t have your own, we have a limited selection available). Sunblock, sunglasses and a change of clothes are optional. Bug repellent is always recommended.

Winter Adventures: Make sure to dress for the cold! Warm boots, gloves, jacket, and a hat are a must. An extra layer or two is also recommended so that you can stay warm when there is wind chill. We provide basic gear (helmets and goggles). To maximize the limited daylight, lunch is not provided on winter day adventures. Feel free to bring a snack.

What is the best way to capture the moment?
There will be many opportunities to stop and get photos of Alaska’s jaw dropping scenery. Your guide will be sure to stop at the best photo opportunity spots so we encourage everyone to bring a camera. However, we urge all of our guests to pack electronic items in waterproof bag. You will be exposed to varying conditions from dust to dirt to mud and snow and more.

What can I expect for lunch?
Our summer day tours include a hot, Alaskan meal. We're not talking dehydrated, prepackaged food or a half-burned tin foil dinner. At our destination, we break out our grill and you get to relax and enjoy serenity with a hot cup of tea, coffee, or cocoa while we cook one of our signature meals. If you get hungry before we break for lunch, let us know. Our "crafty" box is filled full of snack options.

Is there an age requirement?
Guests must be old enough to handle rough and bumpy trail riding. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign a release and accompany them on the tour. Guests must be 16 or older to drive. Drivers who are 16 or 17 must have parental permission and their parent or guardian must ride with them in a side-by-side.

What's your cancellation policy?

Day Tours
Call or email us 30 days or more before your tour and you will receive a 100% refund. At least a week before the tour and you will receive a 50% refund. Less than a week, including no shows, 100% of the tour fee applies. If you need an exception to this policy, please call.

Private, Overnight, and Multi-Day Tours
Private, overnight, and multi-day tours require a non-refundable 50% booking fee. For cancellations with less than 30 days notice, or no-shows, 100% of the tour fee applies. 

Be aware, we rarely cancel for weather. If we do have to cancel a tour due to weather, mechanical failure or another unavoidable reason, you will receive a 100% refund of any monies and fees we have collected.

These cancellation policies only apply to 49th State Motor Tours fees. If your tour includes payments to a third party (a hotel, for example), refunds for that portion of the package price will follow that vendor's refund policy.

What is Wolf Point and what will it mean if it washes out?

Wolf Point is a rock outcropping that is our "half way" point on the trail. It is also a narrow pinch-point where the trail is “pinched” between the mountain and Knik River. We had a major earthquake this winter which will cause changes in the path of Knik River once the ground thaws in the spring. We anticipate that the river will wash out the trail at Wolf Point. If this happens we will still have opportunities to see Knik Glacier in the distance, but access to the moraine will be cutoff. If you have a full-day tour booked with us, we will contact you as soon as possible. Full-day tours will be shortened to half-day tours with the difference refunded. Standard cancellation terms will apply.

Are there any health issues I should consider?
Riding ATVs is bouncy, dirty, and often wet. Customers with serious neck, back, or joint injuries, or chronic heart problems should use their own discretion about their capabilities to safely participate in this activity. It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that anyone with who has had recent surgery, especially on ankles, knees, or their back, not participate in this tour. Please keep in mind that this is a physical activity. Mobility requirements vary from day to day and trail to trail, but all courses require some mobility.

Do I need to be experienced to ride the ATV or Side-by-Side?
All tours start with an introduction to the machines so you'll feel comfortable operating them. Our machines are incredibly easy, automatic machines that you will master in only a few minutes. Terrain varies by course. If we ever get to a part of the trail that you are uncertain of, let your guide know. That is what we are here for.

Do I have to drive myself or can I ride as passenger?
You'll have your choice of driving your own ATV,  riding with a friend, or having one of our expert guides drive you. We want you to be comfortable. Let us know at time of scheduling how many drivers and passengers are in your group and we'll accommodate your needs.

Is off-roading safe?
Off-roading is safe, if done safely. Stay on the course and follow the directions of your guides. Guides are equipped with a wilderness first aid kit, GPS and a satellite emergency beacon. You may be out of cell phone range, but you'll never be out of reach of emergency services.