“The best experience of my 60+ year life!” 
"In the top 3 things I have done anywhere in the world. Two thumbs up twice!" 
“Perfect way to see Alaska!” 

Knik Glacier Trail

The Knik Glacier, located on the northern edge of the Chugach Mountains, is over 28 miles long and 5 miles across, making it one of Southcentral Alaska's greatest rivers of ice.  The glacier lies next to Lake George at the end of a beautiful 23 mile long ATV trail. This day tour is everything you're looking for; fun trails, beautiful scenery, wildlife, water crossings and mud holes. 

$285 to $400 per person



Nelchina Trail

With over 150 miles of trails, Nelchina is a choose-your-own-adventure excursion. Steep hill climbs, huge mud holes, mountain top views with Nelchina Glacier in the distance, and multiple river crossings make Nelchina one of Alaska's most loved recreation meccas. This overnight adventure is NOT for the faint of heart. Conditions vary depending on snow melt and rainfall. Your riding skills will be tested and you will be tired and ready for your tent by the end of the day.

$650 to $850 per person per night


Looking for the experienced rider's trail? This is it.

Boulder Trail is approximately 40 miles of hill climbs, bog crossings, rock crawls and beautiful ridgeline trails. You'll enjoy vast views with towering mountains all around you as we make our way up Boulder Creek to our campsite.

For the extreme adventurer, this is a great trail to kick off a multi-night trip that gets deep into the backcountry and connects with the Nelchina trail system.

$700 to 900 per person per night