Petersville Road and the Gold Rich foothills of Denali


Tour Details



Anchorage or Wasilla shuttle included

127 mile drive from Anchorage

100+ mile round trip ATV ride

354 miles total tour length

Great for everyone (littles and elders be aware, there will be bouncing and dirt)




Privately maintained state access/easement road



All of our full-day tours include a cooked hot meal

Overnight tours include lunch and dinner on the first day, and breakfast the following morning



$800 per driver per night (2 driver minimum)

$625 per passenger


What to expect:

Relaxed Tour for All Ages

Maintained Mining Road

High Mountain Ridges

Rolling Hills

Varied Ecosystems

Beautiful Colors Year Round

On the Southern boarder of Denali Park, 2 hours from Anchorage, is Petersville. The main trail of the Petersville Road consists of 40 miles of public access easements maintained by private gold miners. As a historic and active gold mining road with access to some of the state's public recreational mining claims, this trail has miles of Alaskan history you can experience first hand.

This overnight ride has a little of everything for everyone. Starting with stretches of open dirt road, you'll ride by meadows and brooks rich in wildlife and scenery. Going through the Peters Hills Valley Pass, you'll be surrounded with near vertical cliff walls making for great pictures to share with your family and friends back home. On the other side of the pass we'll cross over the Peters Creek bridge where it opens up into the foothills of Denali. From here, rolling hills for miles and miles lead you down to Cache Creek and through working gold claims. Large-scale working sites, small mom and pop operations, and state designated recreational public claims are all here. There's lots to see as you make your way to the end of the road and finally to our campsite.

If you are looking for an extreme off-road adventure in the area, there's an optional loop trail with challenging terrain but beware, you will have to demonstrate your winching skills and passage is not always possible.

Wildlife in the area includes moose, bears, wolves, Dahl sheep, mountain goats, porcupine, ground squirrels, marmot, fox, ptarmigan, eagles, and lynx. In the summer the trail is bordered by wildflowers. In the fall, currants, cranberries, blueberries and raspberries grow alongside the trail in abundance.

 As with all of our trails… be prepared! Dress warm, wear hiking shoes (no open toes) and wear multiple layers. Helmets, goggles and gloves will be provided but feel free to bring your own.

When scheduling, please let us know and allow additional time if you need to make a flight connection.